The CREST Program

As part of the Cancer Australia Support for Clinical Trials program and the Boost Cancer Research Measure, the Centre for Health Economics Research and Evaluation (CHERE) has been contracted to establish a dedicated Cancer Research Economics Support Team (CREST) to provide high quality, expert advice and support to existing and new Multi-site Collaborative National Cancer Clinical Trials Groups.

In turn, CREST will play an important part in ensuring that the Trials Groups produce high quality economic evidence able to be incorporated into future decision making, and ultimately contribute to providing patients with improved access to cost-effective cancer treatments.

The first steps in establishing the CREST program will be for the CREST team to engage and consult with each Cancer Collaborative Clinical Trials Group about their health economics needs and capacities. These initial meetings will focus on developing an understanding of the Groups and will concentrate on the trials being undertaken or planned by each Group. Additional opportunities for health economics questions to be incorporated into trials will also be identified.

CHERE regards this project as vitally important to the development of health economics, and ultimately to improved access for patients to cost-effective cancer treatments in Australia. We look forward to working with all the Groups to develop and conduct world’s best health economic analysis alongside clinical trials in the field of cancer care.