Meet the team

CREST is made up of individuals with high level, nationally and internationally recognised expertise and experience in health economics and economic evaluation, pharmaco?economics, clinical trial design, health policy, quality of life measurement and valuation, econometrics and statistical analysis.

Senior Management Team Area of expertise
Professor Rosalie Viney
(Program lead)
Director of CHERE and will lead this project. Her research has three main strands: valuation of health outcomes; development of discrete choice experiment methods in health; and analysis and evaluation of health policy. Rosalie is a current member of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) and chair of the PBAC’s Economics Sub-Committee.
Professor Marion Haas
(Program manager)
Deputy Director of CHERE, is a well-known and highly respected health services researcher in Australia. She has led many collaborative research projects involving clinical researchers and decision makers. Her major research interests are in undertaking and applying the results of economic evaluation to health interventions and services as well as understanding the preferences of patients and providers.
Mr Richard de Abreu Lourenco Research Fellow at CHERE, a very experienced health economist who has spent the last 12 years working in the field of market access and reimbursement for pharmaceuticals and medical devices in Australia.
Medical and Health Economic Advisor Area of expertise
Dr Philip Haywood Practicing doctor and health economist. His economic work over the last several years has concentrated on the evaluation and introduction of high cost medication, mainly in the field of cancer treatments.
Group support Area of expertise
A/Prof Stephen Goodall Deputy Director of CHERE, a senior health economist and manager of the economic evaluation group at CHERE. He has extensive experience in conducting economic evaluations, which includes providing health technology assessments for PBAC and MSAC.
Dr Kees van Gool Senior Lecturer. He is a Chief Investigator on an NHMRC Health Services Research Program Grant that is focused on developing economic evidence for decision-makers in the field of chemotherapy. He is also undertaking an economic evaluation of cystic fibrosis carrier screening.
Dr Richard Norman Senior Research Fellow at CHERE recently completed his PhD investigating the valuation of health gains for use in economic evaluation in health. He is the recipient of a prestigious Chancellor’s Post-Doctoral Fellowship to explore drivers and preferences for quality of life in the Australian population.
Ms Paula Cronin Has considerable experience in health services research, and is part of the economic evaluation team in CHERE. Paula has been working on a project on health related quality of life (HRQOL) and supportive care needs of men after treatment for early stage prostate cancer.
Ms Patsy Kenny Former registered nurse with extensive health services research experience. Her experience includes the measurement and analysis of health related quality of life in cancer patients, cost analyses using administrative health data and longitudinal research methods.
Mr Changhao Hou Research Fellow at CHERE and is part of the economic evaluation team providing Health Technology Assessments for PBAC.
Expert advisor Area of expertise
Professor Jane Hall Founding Director of CHERE now Director of Strategy. She is a health economist with an international reputation, having served as President of the International Health Economics Association. Her research work includes economic evaluation studies in many areas of health services and health policy and has been involved in a wide range of health policy and planning issues.