Health Economics in Australia

Health economics in Australia is practised in a number of locations, including Government, Universities, health service providers, consultancy firms and health-related industry. A diverse mix of individuals from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds practice health economics in Australia. Many are economists with either theoretical or applied interests in health economics, but many are qualified and practice in other specialties, especially public health. Practitioners often have university affiliation, although the numbers are spread across government, consulting and industry.

Pharmaco-economics is a well-developed and practised field within Australia. The Commonwealth Government's evidence-based approach to the listing and subsidy of pharmaceuticals represents a world's best approach to using evidence of both costs and outcomes on which to base decisions. It has also enabled the development of a critical mass of first class expertise in pharmaco-economics in Australia.

If you're interested in health economics in Australia, you may find our list of Health Economics Organisations interesting. Coming soon to the CREST website will be a range of resources, including some providing an introduction to and further readings on health economics in Australia.