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CHERE has many years experience working with clinicians, trialists and researchers to develop appropriate trial protocols for health economic analysis, including trials of cancer interventions and services. To aid the cancer collaborative trial groups in developing a protocol to include an economic evaluation alongside a clinical trial, a standard pro-forma will be developed. This pro-forma will include key issues for consideration, key questions and options, essential data items, identification of data sources, ethics requirements for collection of economics data, and standard forms for data collection from a range of sources.

If you have any ideas for protocol pro-formas or standardised data collection forms you would like to see developed by CREST, please contact us through the Suggestion box.

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As part of CREST a set of consensus documents on what represents best practice in clinical trials for the purpose of economic evaluations will be developed. The CREST team anticipates that these documents will become an important source of information for cancer collaborative trial groups and will have the capacity to improve the quality of trial data for economic analysis, generate greater potential to research cross trial issues and ensure greater consistency of data and methods of analysis across trials.

If you have any ideas for issues you would like addressed in a CREST Consensus Document, please contact us through the Suggestion box.

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Through our international links and our knowledge and experience with reimbursement mechanisms, CREST will maintain a watching brief in relation to both methodological advances and the international harmonisation of evidence requirements for economic evaluation. We will include regular methodological discussions of issues that are relevant to the translation of clinical trial evidence to policy settings. In some cases journal articles or other documents may be provided along with a commentary by a CREST team member or other relevant expert.

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