For information about the training opportunities currently available through CREST please see our Events Page.

Capacity building is a key component of the services which will be available from CREST, and will be provided using both formal and informal learning opportunities and strategies. Strategies will be tailored around the skills which are already in place within the Trial Groups to ensure that maximum benefit for both individuals and the groups is achieved. The capacity building activities and strategies will include:

  • Conducting a range of workshops for Trial Group members. These will include introductory health economics topics, as well as more advanced topics such as decision tree modelling, costing methods, probabilistic sensitivity analysis and presentation of economic evaluation results. Two workshops will be conducted each year.
  • Providing the opportunity for cancer collaborative trials group members to undertake short term placements or secondments at CHERE to work on issues relevant to specific trials and to general issues of trial design and economic evaluation.
  • Horizon scanning through work with individual groups, monitoring of key journals and methodological papers, and through national and international links, to identify and disseminate to groups advice on methodological issues common across cancer collaborative trial groups, as well as issues of international harmonization of evidence requirements for economic evaluation.

If you have any ideas for training strategies you would like to see implemented by CREST, please contact us through the Suggestion box.